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Kevin Xiong Kevin Xiong
Sr. Customer Service Representative

Customer champions

Customer champions drive our brands forward. As the face of our company, they’re setting standards of service excellence across our industry. Inspired to be leaders in healthcare and driven by a passion for our customers, they design solutions through creativity and innovation.

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Anthony Prout Anthony Prout
Sr. IT System Analyst

Digital and technology pioneers

Digital and Technology Pioneers embed the customer’s voice in everything they do by making the experience simple, easy, and caring. Our customers are at the heart of every single decision. Every step of the way, they’re data-driven work reduces costs and redefines the healthcare experience. Premera insures more than 2 million people, from individual customers to employers whose iconic brands you use every day. They expect and get the best from us.

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Carol Voegler Carol Voegler

Company advocates

Company advocates help employees understand and connect to our company values, initiatives, and aspirations. They interact with employees at all levels of the company, providing engagement opportunities and expert guidance. With a natural aptitude to improve experiences, company advocates deliver outstanding services that support Premera's success.

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Robin Poppsinger Robin Poppsinger
Personal Health Support Clinician

Healthcare innovators

Healthcare innovators work with providers to drive meaningful improvement in the way healthcare is delivered. They consult with customers to find opportunities to improve quality and ensure our members get safe, effective care. Innovators help Premera deliver on our purpose to improve customers’ lives by making healthcare work better.

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